Recommendations to climb the Misti, in Arequipa


If Arequipa is known as the “White City” it is thanks to the Misti. The result of the eruptions of this volcano is the sillar, a white stone that was used in colonial times to build houses and that gives this place its clear tone.

Nowadays, the Misti is an active volcano, although it has not experienced an eruption for centuries, so many trekking enthusiasts dare to reach its summit.

Are you one of the brave ones who dream of exploring the Misti? Keep reading! Here we tell you how to get there.

Challenges of climbing the Misti

The first thing you need to know is that the ascent to the Misti is a moderate walk suitable for all those who have a minimum physical preparation. However, this volcano reaches 5822 meters above sea level, so before starting the trekking we recommend you to spend a couple of days in Arequipa to acclimatize to the altitude.

How to get to the volcano

To reach the Misti there are two access routes. The first one starts in Chiguata, a little town located 30 km away from the city, and the second one goes through the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca and Salinas, where you can observe animals like vicuñas in their natural habitat.

Whichever way you choose, the itinerary is similar: the first day you will reach the foothills of the mountain, at 3300 meters above sea level, and you will make the first ascent of around 6 hours to one of the camps where you will spend the night. From this point, you can enjoy incredible views of the city of Arequipa and all around.



Keep in mind that this first camp is located 4500 meters above sea level, so during the night it will be quite cold: nothing better than a coca tea to warm up and avoid altitude sickness.

The second day starts very early: you will have to get up around 3 in the morning to have breakfast and start the walk. It is a trekking of about seven hours to reach the top.

Once at the Misti summit you can enjoy an impressive landscape: from here you will have a perfect view of the other two volcanoes of Arequipa, the Picchu Picchu and the Chacani, of the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca and Salinas, of the White City and, even if the day is clear, you can see the Pacific Ocean in the background.

The return to the base of the volcano is very simple, so it is perfect to enjoy the landscape with tranquility.

To make this excursion, in Arequipa you will find several travel agencies that offer these tours of two days and one night.

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