24 September, 2014

Pachacamac Oracle

Just one hour from Lima you will find the most important monumental construction of the Peruvian coast: the Archaeological Sanctuary of Pachacamac.

It has been considered as the main sanctuary of that area for more than a millennium. When Spaniards arrived, this place was the Pachacamac god sanctuary where pilgrims came from different parts of the Andean world to ask for advice and learn their omens.

At this archeological complex, we can appreciate the presence of Lima, Wari, Inca and Ychma cultures, which developed there for 15 centuries.


Photography by  Museo de Sitio de Pachacamac


The sanctuary has a museum where you can visit the collections that belong to different Pre-Hispanic occupations that settled in Pachacamac. Ceramics, fabrics, wooden clothes, metal objects, valves of Spondylus shell, among other items are part of these legacy. Furthermore, the museum exhibits a chronologically organized thematic exhibition from the beginning of the Early Intermediate Period that is composed of Villa El Salvador, Lima, the Panel, Wari, Inca and Ychma cultures’ ceramic styles. If you would like to visit this museum, here you can find the opening hours and ticket prices.


Photography by Museo de Sitio de Pachacamac

After visiting the museum, we suggest going sightseeing the Sanctuary’s areas, such as the Temple of the Moon or Mamaconas, which was the house of the women chosen by the Inca; or the Sun Temple, the largest and best preserved building of Pachacamac. It was built around 1450 a.C. as a sanctuary for the Sun god, the deity of Tawantinsuyu.


Photography by Museo de Sitio de Pachacamac

Finally, and to take full advantage of your trip to Lurin, we recommend you to visit the country restaurant El Alamo situated in the Old South Pan-AmericanHighway at Km. 32.5. This traditional restaurant cooks the most delicious cracklings of the area. We recommend ordering a ½ kg of cracklings for $ 18 (S/. 50), accompanied by sweet potatoes, onions and salsa criolla (portion for 3 persons).


Photography by Sazón y Sabor

How to arrive to Pachacamac

The Archaeological Sanctuary of Pachacamac is located in the district of Lurin, in the Old South Pan-American Highway at km. 31.5. To get there, take the Old South Panamerican Highway until km. 25, turnoff to Pachacamac. The complex is located on the side of the road. If you choose to go by public transport, you can take one of the buses that goes to Lurin in the intersection of Av. Javier Prado with the South Pan-American Highway.

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