25 July, 2014

One day of adventures in Lunahuana

Amazing landscapes, archaeological remains, friendly locals and an excellent cuisine… Without counting the fields, vineyards, pisco, wine and exciting adventure sports… This is what you’ll find in Lunahuana, the incredible place located at Km 37 of  Cañete  – Yauyos , in the south of Lima.

Just 2 hours from Lima by car – or 3 hours by bus, you can visit this sunny paradise all year long, specially if you are fond of adventure sports. And the best part is that if you leave Lima early in the morning you could visit Lunahuana in a round trip.


Photograph by: Manuel Rentería

And the tips we recommend for you to spend a different day, full of adventures and excitement, are:

Rafting at the Cañete River: Lunahuana is a paradise for rafting.Thanks to the affluence of the Cañete River, it is the perfect place for beginners of this sport; if you have more experience, the guides will take you to the highest areas. Just two warnings: follow carefully the guide´s instructions (row when it is required and at the needed speed) and don’t  bring  anything that is not waterproof,  because it will get wet!. The cost of this adventure is S/. 35 ($12.58) per person.

crafting - lunahuana 2

Photograph by: Alexander Congona

Canopy o Zip Line:  another activity that travelers love to do in Lunahuana is canopying. A new adventure sport where you will have the opportunity to fly through the treetops and cross the Cañete river while you are attached to a harness. The views are breathtaking, and you feel like a bird flying across the valley. There are different routes, some more exciting -and long- than others. It is all about being adventurous. The price of this amazing experience is S/.70 ($25.16) -per person-  and it´s worthwhile to live it.


ATV Ride: a narrow trail through the Lunahuana valley -approved by the municipality- can be crossed for an exciting ride of ATV, where you can enjoy a drive along the river, in contact with nature.The cost of this activity is S/.35 ($12.58) per person, but if you go with a child the price is S/. 45 ($16.17).

lunahuana cuatrimotos

Photograph by: Manuel Rentería

How to get to Lunahuana

Getting to Lunahuaná from Lima it’s very easy. Even though there is no transportation that goes directly, there are companies that stop in Cañete, where you can take a “combi” to Lunahuana. We recommend you to travel with:

  • Bus Company “Soyuz”: the ticket from Lima to Cañete normally costs around S/.18 ($6.47), but the price can increase S/.10 ($3.59) more for the holidays. Take your precautions and buy your ticket in advanced. ¡Remember that the bus trip takes three hours!

  • Combis: when you’re in Imperial, Cañete, go to the “Lunahuana bus stop”. There you will find lots of “combis” that will take you to Lunahuana in approximately 45 minutes. The ticket is very cheap, just S/. 3.50 ($1.26).

  • If you want to enjoy an entire day in Lunahuana, you can go in a taxi or in a private car, you’ll be there in 2 hours.

If you would like to coordinate your activities with a tour operator, we recommend you these ones:

So If you are planning to visit Lima for business or pleasure, include in your schedule a day in Lunahuana and live this exciting experience. If you haven’t found an hotel in Lima, you can stay at Tierra Viva Miraflores Larco hotel. Book now here and seize your day!