Ollantaytambo’s Delicacies

Walking along Ollantaytambo´s narrow streets will definitely feel like traveling back in time. And that is because this small town is home of one the latest living Inca communities of the Peruvian Andes, who still maintain their Inca ancestral traditions.


Ollantaytambo is located 80 km from Cusco, in a space with over 500 years of history. At its main square you can see the arrival of local peddlers who come from nearby communities to sell their wares wearing their traditional clothes. There you can also enjoy the delicious aroma of Andean soups and stews that impregnate the whole place. If you want to eat in this town founded by Pachacutec Inca, we recommend two spots: El Albergue Restaurant and La Esquina Cafe – Bakery.

Photography by Adventurous Travels

A cosy place

Whether you are on your way to Machu Picchu or spending some days at the Sacred Valley, you should visit this picturesque town and make a stop in El Albergue. It’s the best restaurant in Ollantaytambo thanks to its exquisite Mediterranean and Peruvian fusion cuisine and selected wines. You should try their home-made spaguettis, quinoa soup, pepper steak, alpaca, grilled trout, alpaca hamburgers and salads made of red quinoa with blue cheese and dried cape gooseberry. Add to this other salads made of organic crops from the restaurant´s garden.


We recommend making a prior reservation and having the time to enjoy the place, even seat by the large windows for the dessert or drinks after the meal. It’s like being in a XIX century novel.

Photography by El ALbergue Restaurant


The Main Square´s corner

La Esquina Bakery is the perfect place to enjoy the best cappuccinos and delicious desserts of Cusco with a beautiful view of the plaza and Ollantaytambo´s ruins. Cinnamon and strawberry rolls, brownies, banana and chocolate muffins, carrot cakes, and all delightful home-made desserts are some of its specialties. They also offer tasty pasties, huevos rancheros, a wide range of sandwiches, refreshing fruit juices, among other delectable salads.  Furthermore, there is a great ambiance, good service and its owner, Peter, is a very kind person. You have to visit this spot!

Photography by Mister Bump

If you are staying in any of our Tierra Viva hotels in Cusco and would like to visit Ollantaytambo, you can take any of the buses that leave every 10 minutes at the bus station on Grau Avenue. These vehicles go along Sacred Valley, Chinchero and Urubamba. Tickets are priced at $3.30 (S/.10). At our front desk you can also ask for further information. If you are about to come to Cusco, book here and start living the Ollantaytambo experience with Tierra Viva Hotels.