10 August, 2019

North Circuit: Must see places if you travel to the north of Peru

Peru is a country full of culture, with a wonderful history that any traveler would like to visit. A destination where you can explore beaches, cities, ruins, mountains and more. But, if you are planning to visit the north of our country, take note of these cities that you should not miss.

Lima is a must stop, where you can always discover new places. Visit the city’s tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, the best coffee shops, malls, etc. A city that will never cease to amaze you!

The next place you should visit is Caral, located up north, three hours of Lima. This is the oldest civilization in America where you will have the opportunity to learn more about its history. Don’t forget to make a short stop in Casma, three hours from Caral, where you can visit the hill of Sechín, an archaeological site that was built more than four thousand three hundred years ago. Here you can also visit the Regional Museum of Casma “Max Uhle”, which stores a collection of ceramics, textiles, lithic artifacts and mummies that belong to the area.

If you are interested in archeology, you can visit the calendar of Chanquillo, the oldest in America, where the “pillars of the sun” continue to mark solstices, equinoxes and seasons of the year.

Your next stop should be Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru, where you can visit the historic center, museums, main houses, churches and parks. Once here, you should start by visiting one of the biggest attractions in northern Peru: The huacas de la Luna y el Sol, from the Moche culture. In the museum you will contemplate pieces of ceramics, textiles, wood sculptures and jewels of that time. You should visit the most iconic beaches: Huanchacho, Chicama, Pacasmayo, Puerto Morín, perfect to practice surf, to lie on the sand or just to enjoy with the family.

Continuing with the archaeological tour, you should visit the ruins of Chan Chan, the most extensive mud citadel in the world, composed of nine palaces that cover ceremonial spaces decorated in an artistic way. On the other hand, in Chiclayo, located 3 hours north of Trujillo, you can visit the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, the Saint Mary Cathedral Church, the Brüning National Archaeological Museum, the Pimentel boardwalk and the Zaña ruins, also known as “The ghost town.”

And when you think you’ve seen everything, continue heading north, until you arrive to Piura, and take a short tour of the city and rest before heading to Máncora, one of the most famous summer attractions in our country. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of the sea and also the night party, especially if you travel during the summer or holidays. One of the most fun activities you can do during the morning is diving with turtles in El Ñuro, located 23 km from Máncora. You can enjoy the rest of the afternoon taking photos of a breathtaking sunset.

Finally, at the end of this route, you will arrive in Tumbes. You can stroll along the beach of Punta Sal, one of the most beautiful on the Peruvian coast, or visit Zorritos, a town where the sun never sets, with many attractions and an amazing white sand beach.

If you decide to take part of this route, we will be waiting for you with open arms at any of these destinations, and make sure you can enjoy a comfortable stay that motivates you to continue with this wonderful north circuit.