3 September, 2014

Tierra Viva Hotels invites you to Mistura 2014

During 7 years Peru has been consolidating its position as one of the best cuisine around the world; and Misture, a popular fair hosted every year in Lima, is the best proof of that success. The first edtion of this fair was in 2008 and only 15 thousand people attended, today it’s the Peruvian cuisine display, which attracted about 500 thousand people last year, 25 thousand of whom were tourists.


Photography by Marketing Gastronómico

Mistura this year will be carried out in La Costa Verde – Magdalena from 5 to 14 of September with a new proposal: “Eat Peruvian Food” that encourages a healthy eating lifestyle based on nutritious Peruvian food and pays tribute to the wide Peruvian biodiversity.

There will also be the tasting-menues section, another new proposal, where you can taste delicious Peruvian dishes from traditional restaurants such as Malabar, Lima 27, Costanera 700 and Señorío de Surco. Moreover, at La Cocina del Gran Mercado famous chefs, inter alia, Virgilio Martínez, Mitsuharu Tsumura, Flavio Solórzano and Adolfo Perre will prepare regional dishes made of native products.

If you are in Lima, you should go to Mistura and taste the most delicious Peruvian dishes; in particular these ones:

La Patarashca, a Tarapoto restaurant that sold about 13 thousand Amazonian dishes such as Juane con gallina, mixto de cecina and chorizo con tacacho.

Chifa San Joy Lao, a tradicional Chinese restaurant located in Cercado de Lima that specializes in “Chi Jau Cuy” and “Tipa Cuy”.

Los Anticuchos de Grimanesa, Mrs Grimanesa has been preparing the most delicious anticuchos since 1976. We strongly recommend trying this traditional dish.


Photography by En Lima

Rumi Wasi, an Ica restaurant which specialty is chicharron de conejo (crispy fried pieces of rabbit) and chicharron de pato (crispy pieces of duck).

Chancho al Palo from Huaral – Lima to the Mistura’s grilled meat world. It’s absolutely scrumptious and this is why many people love it, so we we suggest going earlier to avoid long queues.


Photography by Chancho al Palo de Carlos Ramirez

It’s very easy to arrive to Mistura, because you can use public transport services or go by car. The Metropolitano is a good and cheap option to get there. On the other hand, if you go by car, there will be a parking zone managed by Los Portales that will charge $ 1.4 (S/. 4) per hour untill 5 hours. After that, tthere will be a flat rate of  $ 7.1 (S/. 20) for the whole day.

Ticket prices are the following: Presale $ 5.35 (S/. 15) children $ 2.8 (S/.8); Regular Prices $ 8.9 (S/. 25) children $ 3.5 (S/. 10); Special prices (only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) $ 5.35 (S/. 15) children $ 2.8 (S/.8). Buy your ticket in Teleticket or at the first Mistura’s entrance.


 Photography by Música Andina

You are invited to be part of this party, come and taste the most delicious Peruvian dishes. If you haven’t booked yet your hotel, make your reservation at Tierra Viva Miraflores Larco here, don’t miss this unique experience.