17 December, 2018

Live the magic of the Marinera during the National Festival of Trujillo 2019

January is the month of the Marinera in Trujillo. For a week, this dance is the true protagonist of the city for the celebration of the National Marinera Competition that takes place every year and brings together the best dancers of Marinera.

On this occasion, Trujillo will host the 59th edition of this contest from January 20 to 27 and, as every year, hundreds of participants and fans will gather in the Gran Chimú enclosure, located in Club Libertad, to enjoy this dance and many other activities.

Do you know the history of this beautiful dance? Here we tell you about its origins and the activities that you can enjoy during the 59th National Marinera Contest.

Origin of the Marinera


There are several versions of the origin of the Marinera, but the most widespread of them speak of the Hispanic, African and indigenous mixture. According to this current, with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors and the African slaves, various types of dances, such as the fandango and the minuet, typical of Europe, and the zamacueca, of Africa, also arrived in the land of the Incas.

These dances from Europe and Africa were mixed with the dances of the ancient Peruvians giving, as a result, many years later, what we now know as Marinera, which has different versions throughout our country.

Thus, the Marinera is an example of the multiculturalism of our country, but also a dance formerly used between men and women as a form of courtship.

The importance of the Marinera led her to be named as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation by the National Institute of Culture of Peru in 1986.

Activities during the National Marinera Competition


In 1960 the Club Libertad of Trujillo held the first National Marinera Competition and since then the boom of this event has reached various cities in the world such as Kyoto, Madrid or Las Vegas.

What began as a dance contest has now become an event that brings together the best representatives of each country and in which other activities are carried out such as the coronation of the Queen of the contest, the competition of Peruvian Horses, the Marathon of Marinera de Corazón or the Gran Corso.

And to close this great seven-day show, you can not miss the Perol Party, an event that takes place at the end of each National Marinera Competition. It is attended by hundreds of people, all dressed in white, who, among other activities, enjoy the dance of the Queen of the Marinera of that year.

The National Marinera Contest is, in short, one of the best events in which to learn about the culture and roots of our country in a beautiful city like Trujillo.

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