23 December, 2019

Full day in Conache – Trujillo

If you are in Trujillo and are fond of adventure, then you should visit Conache Lake, located only 40 minutes from our Tierra Viva Trujillo Hotel. Here you will be able to enjoy a full day of adventure and relax at the “Oasis of pleasure”.

This natural tourist attraction has more than 12 hectares, which 70% is water. The lake was formed only during the rainy season, but since the construction of the Chavimochi canal now we can enjoy this beautiful place throughout the entire year.

Conache is the perfect place to practice different activities such as sandboarding. You only need to rent a board and glide through the dunes to enjoy the beautiful view that this oasis has to offer. You can also cross the like via zipline, or ride a pedal boat and see the flora and fauna of its surroundings.

At the end of this day full of adventure, return to the city and enjoy the comfort of your room at our Tierra Viva Trujillo Hotel. We will be waiting for you with the best service that characterized us.