San Sebastian Church

The district of San Sebastian is located at aproximately 6 kilometers from Cusco’s center. In the Main Square we can find its magnificent church, which greatly resembles Cusco’s Cathedral. It was founded in 1560 by viceroy Hurtado de Mendoza and retouched at the end of the 17th century by bishop Mollinedo. Its importance rests on the paintings displayed inside by artists such as Quispe Tito and on its beautiful barroque facade. San Sebastian is one of the “indian parishes” which were created with the objective of congregating the local indigenous population for evangelization.

Useful Tips

Location: 6 km from Cusco city, two blocks away from the principal avenue (Cusco-Puno highway)

Admission: the Main Square is open every day; however, the Church may be closed some days. When it is open, entrance to the Church is free.

Duration of the experience: 2 hours

Text & Photos By: Iñigo Maneiro