3 August, 2012

Tinajani´s Stone Forest

Tinajani is a broad ichu grass valley, where stands an imposing forest of gigantic rocks, crossed by a small stream of cold water. Hills and stone walls take characteristic forms due to the erosive action of wind and rain. In some areas the lower part of the walls there are some tombs and chulpas, where you can find human remains, textiles and pieces of ceramics. In the valley are small houses of shepherds raising sheep and alpacas, and forests of colles & queuñas, making it one of the best destinations that owns the Puna Altiplano.

Useful Tips

  • Tinajani is 10 miles over a good paved runway of Ayaviri. This village is located about 2 hours of Puno, on the road linking the city with Cusco.
  • Access to Tinajani is free. We recommend walking through the canyons that form in the forest of rocks and the tops of the cliffs.
  • Tinajani is an extraordinary destination for mountain biking. Camping is also possible.
  • On July there is an important festival of native and folkloric dances of Puno.

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (www.bitacora.pe)