Tarwasi: The Inca Site and the Hacienda

This archeological complex is located in the Limatambo valley, one of the four tambos or rest areas in the Inca Empire. According to numerous studies, it was a ceremonial center as well as a royal chamber. The complex has two terraces formed by polished poligonal stones, perfectly fitted with one another to form flower figures. Very interesting is the fact that on top of the Incan complex an Hacienda was constructed with adobe walls. In the Limatambo valley we can find the access route to the Salcantay apu, one of the most beautiful routes due to the great diversity of ecological floors that it passes through and one of the roads that leads to Machu Picchu.

Useful Tips:

  • Location: kilometer 76 of the highway between Cysco and Abancay. It goes through Zurite and its platforms, Andahuasi and the archeological site of Quillarumiyoc.
  • Open: everyday. Tickets costs 11 soles for adults and 5 soles for kids.
  • Duration of the experience: 3 hours
  • Access: 1 hour by taxi cab. Price is aprox. 100 soles.
  • Tip: in the Limatambo town there are small restaurants where delicious homemade food is offered made primarily of trout and meats.

Text  & Photos by: Iñigo Maneiro

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