San Jeronimo

The San Jeronimo church is located in the higher area of the main square. It was built in the XVI century and has a bulrush but no tower. It seems that the indigenous elite was installed in San Jeronimo, so they built this beautifull church for them. The interesting thing about this temple are the embossed paintings found in the entrance’s ceiling, the huge murals, and the seven baroque altars inside. Next to the church there is a cross in which base we can appreciate symbolic and zoomorphic petroglyphs.

Important facts:

  • Located:  San Jeronimo quarter is located in the km 980 of the road to Puno, about 8 km from Cusco city.
  • Entrance fee: there is no entrance fee.
  • Transportation: a private car could cost around 50 soles, round trip
  • Tips: take the time to walk around the church and the town main square to appreciate the beauty of San Jeronimo.

Text & Photos by: Iñigo Maneiro