19 October, 2012


The Salkantay trek is probably one of the mountain route that cross most of the Peruvian eight natural regions. It starts at Mollepata and after setting the camp at the foothill of one of the most sacred mountains of the andes, the Salkantay. You ascend to the abra Salkantay at 4600masl, to start a huge drop that crosses snowy highlands, Andean highlands, little forests, jungle highland and cloud forests. As you descend the vegetation becomes lusher with orchids, palms, giant ferns and cañaverales. The climate becomes warmer and more humid. The final point is the town of Santa Teresa, a beautiful valley where known for its coffee and the longest zip line in South America. Also you can access Machu Picchu crossing by its hydroelectric station.

Useful Tips

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (www.bitacora.pe)