13 December, 2011


The “Golden Palace” was one of Cusco’s most important temples. In it, they worshipped the Sun king (Inti). In 1633, the Dominicans built their convent on top of it, which was generously decorated by the Incas with gold. It is also known as the Santo Domingo convent. The cedar decorations of the dome, the Spanish tiling of the walls and the remaining of the Incas walls that connect to terraces in the lower area stand out.

Useful Tips:

  • Location: between Sol Avenue and Santo Domingo street, in the historical center of Cusco.
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Entrance fee: 10 soles
  • Tips: near this temple there are typical Cusco streets and squares.

Text and Photos by Iñigo Maneiro