28 December, 2012

MTB in Colca

The Colca Valley is one of the great destinations to practice extreme sports, including mountain bike. Most of the activities offered in Chivay are related to condors bird watching and the canyon. But more foreigners are looking for experience that have to do more with nature, sports and local communities. With MTB you can combine all of this, crossing routes exuberant in nature of the high mountains, small villages of farmers and alpaca breeders or, depending on the route chosen, beautiful churches recently restored. The bike lets us know the other face of the Colca Valley.

Useful Tips

  • The Colca Valley is located at altitudes above 3,700 masl, you may feel the symptoms of altitude sickness. Some are smooth bike paths, walking paths around Chivay planes, others, however, require more physical conditions.
  • Operators have all the equipment necessary for the passenger a unique experience.
  • Recommended Operator: www.ampatoexpeditionscolca.com

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (www.bitacora.pe)

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