14 September, 2011

Inca Trail

Between the Sacred Valley (km 82) and Machu Picchu, there is a trail that goes through mountains, valleys and cloud forests. The Inca Trail is a walk of 42 kilometers long, usually made in 4 days and stopping at 3 camp sites to sleep. The first day you walk next to the Vilcanota River and following the train trail. On the second day you go up to 4,200 meters above the sea and pass through the Warmiwañuska abra. On the third day you will pass through a magic forest rich in ferns, mosses and tiny twisted trees. You will enter Machu Picchu by the Inti Punku or “the Sun Door”, were you will have a panoramic view of the whole archaeological site and the surrounding mountains. During the trail, on the way to the jungle, you will find lots of archaeological sites.

Useful Tips

  • Location: between km 82 and Machu Picchu
  • Entrance: the trail must be done with a travel agency that has permission to operate the Inca Trail. The price of the trail and entrance fee is 241 soles.
  • Transportation: it must be included in the package.
  • Recommendations: layers of clothes, including something to protect yourself from the rain. Good hiking boots, a hat, sunscreen and warm clothes for the evenings.
  • Tips: the best experience is to wake up early on the last night, to see the sunrise at the Phuyapatamarca archaeological site.
  • Recommended Agencies: Terra Explorer, Apumayo, Tambo Treks.

Text & Photos by: Iñigo Maneiro.

porteador-descendiendo-el-abra-Warmiwarñusca porteador-de-Huilloc-con-Salkantay-al-fondo picnic-en-ruta