2 August, 2012

Apurímac River Rafting

Rafting on Apurímac river is one of the best adventure experiences that can be found in Cusco. The river, which means ‘the God who roars’, is located between Cusco and Apurimac, being a natural border between the two. It had great importance in the view of the Andean world because it is very close to two of the most emblematic mountains: the Ausangate and Salkantay. This rafting is a unique experience in which during four days and three nights you can go through the warm waters of the Apurimac and camp on the beaches of river sand, surrounded of the amazing landscape of polished stone and granite walls, waterfalls and hills with twisted brown trees. It is a special place where you can see deer, condors and slippery otters while navigating through the waters of the Apurimac river.

Useful Tips

Text & Photos by Iñigo Maneiro (www.bitacora.pe)