21 February, 2014

Dinner at “Balcones de Puno”


Located in Libertad street, just around a block from our Tierra Viva Puno Plaza hotel, Balcones de Puno (Puno’s balconies) is a must stop if you are searching for the best of Puno’s cuisine. Acknowledged by TripAdvisor -the world’s largest travel site- with the Certificate of Excellence in 2013, and assorted with a magnificent variety of dishes made out of local products such as trout, alpaca and quinoa, this restaurant reasserts Puno’s roots with a daily  dinner-show starting at 7:30 pm. with traditional music and dances. No wonder why this city is known to be the capital of Peruvian folklore.

Some of the traditional delicacies served at Balcones de Puno that you can’t leave without trying, are Chaulla Timphu, a dish prepared with fresh fish from Lake Titicaca  -like crachi, pejerrey or muri- accompanied with dried potato; and Huarccata de Chancho, a traditional high Andean plateau dish, generally consumed during All Saint’ Day celebrations.

But, if you wish to have something a bit more exotic, we highly recommend you to try Alpaca steak or Chicharron de Cuy. For dessert, there is no greater pleasure than Frío de Quinoa, which is nothing more than ice cream made out of quinoa; order it with flambéed strawberries with cognac.


The restaurant has also a bar offering original cocktails, like “Machu Picchu” -made with Pisco, orange juice and mint-, “Pink Lady” -with gin and grenadine syrup-, a traditional “Pisco Sour” or a “Mickey Mouse” cocktail with no alcohol.

Balcones de Puno is considered by many as the best option for gastronomic tourism in Puno, not only for its diverse menu, but also for its impeccable service as well as its affordable prices (S/.22 – S/.59 per consumer), so there is no excuse for you to miss it!

If you are in Puno, take some time to discover its delicious food and diverse folklore visiting this amazing restaurant. Don’t wait any longer: book now in Tierra Viva Puno Plaza and get to know more of this and other great options to seize your day!