19 August, 2018

Cusco: what to eat and where

As you already know, the visit to Peru is a guaranteed great gastronomic experience. In all the cities of our country, you can enjoy typical dishes that vary depending on the area where you are. If Cusco is one of your destinations, here we leave you the best dishes in the Imperial City and the places where to try them. Enjoy!

Typical dishes

Corn with cheese: if you are one of those who enjoy street food, we recommend you to try corn with cheese. A simple dish that mixes typical corn from Cusco (whose grains are larger than usual) with Andean cheese.

Fried trout: if you like to enjoy a good fish, in Cusco you have to order a trout dish. It is served in different presentations, although the typically fried trout is served with yucca, rice and creole sauce (a kind of onion salad).

Quinoa soup: this Andean cereal, which in recent years has gained worldwide fame, is widely used in the recipes of Cusco cuisine. For the cold season, we recommend you to take a quinoa soup, a very light dish that will also help you avoiding altitude sickness.

Baked cuy: one of the most common dishes of the Peruvian mountains is the cuy, a kind of guinea pig that is served whole and open on the plate itself, which draws the attention of tourists who come to our country.

Chicharrón from Cusco: if you want to have a typical Peruvian breakfast you can not miss the Cusco pork rind, made with fried pork and accompanied with golden potatoes, salad, and corn.

Where to eat

In all of our country there are many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes, so here is a small list of some of the places you can go to Cusco, with prices for all kinds of budgets.

San Pedro Market: to start the day, you have to go to San Pedro Market, a place where you will find dozens of exotic fruit juices and sandwich of various types.

Chicha: As in all the big cities in the country, the famous chef Gastón Acurio has different and delicious restaurants in all the big cities of the country. In Cusco one of the best is Chicha, where you will find typical dishes of Peruvian Creole food with Andean ingredients.

Pachapapa: the perfect place to try the baked cuy and the pachamanca, a typical Peruvian dish that is cooked underground. The dishes of this restaurant have become so popular that it is recommendable to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Morena Peruvian Kitchen: here you will find typical Cusco dishes and others from the coast and the jungle. They use ingredients from the Andean area, like quinoa, to create dishes such as their vegetarian burgers.

Barrio Ceviche: finally, and although it is not a typical dish from Cusco, many tourists come to the Imperial City with the desire to try a good ceviche. In that case, we recommend you to go to Barrio Ceviche, where they serve typical food from the coast with a modern touch.

With these places and those that we have already told you about in Lima and Arequipa, you have everything ready to try the most exquisite dishes in our country. Enjoy the crowned as the best cuisine in Latin America!

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