2 December, 2014

Community tourism at Coporaque

Coporaque is a little picturesque town located in Arequipa, the perfect spot for tourists who like community tourism. We highly recommend visiting Wasy Huerta, home of Mr. Faustina, there you can stay and live an unforgettable immersion travel experience. Activities such as milk cows, harvest broad beans for breakfast, take a long walk or go for a ride in the environs of the town will certainly make you forget about daily routine.

Photography by: Panoramio

Situated in the heart of Colca Valley, the millennial town of Coporaque is a great place to appreciate Collaguas etnia development. That is because there are many Pre-Inca terraces and irrigation systems efficiently operating on this site.

According to chroniclers, Inca Mayta Capac married with Mama Tancaray-Yacchi damsel, daughter of some of the most important Coporaque kurakas, in order to join Collagua town with the Tawantinsuyo. Years later, Gonzalo Pizarro chose this place as his main place of residence.

About 1540, Franciscans convert Coporaque into one of the main evangelist centers of Colca and constructed San Sebastian chapel in 1565. Next to this ancient building, in a Collagua’s huaca, they constructed Santiago Apostol temple; one of the most important and ancient temples of Peruvian viceroyalty.

Photography by:Apu Libre

Adventure and Culture

You can arrive to Yanque, a neighbor town, riding a horse. There you will find Uyo Uyo ruins one of the major archaeological complexes of Colca Valley. On the way to Uyo Uyo ruins, you will pass the Yuraqaqa chullpas, the pre-Hispanic small village of Ayllu Qupe that date from 3000 B.C. and the Collagua-Inca ruins at San Antonio archeological complex that date from 1100 – 1300 A.D. , locals consider this place as the ancient town of Coporaque. Uyo Uyo is the largest pre-Hispanic village of Arequipa.

Photography by: La Brújula del Azar

How to arrive:

If you want to visit Coporaque, first go to Chivay, a small town located 4 hours from Arequipa. It is the first town on the way to Colca Valley. There you can take a van that will take you to Coporaque in 20 minutes. At Colca you will find many lodges but if you consider staying at Wasy Huerta Coporaque, call to Mr. Faustina at 959 645 849 / 959 003 759 or look for her lodge once you arrive to Coporaque.

If you decide to stay at Arequipa, well known as the White City, our Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza is the best option. It is close to main tourist attractions and Colca Valley, book here and start living this immersion travel experience.