29 October, 2018

How to avoid altitude sickness in your visit to Puno?

If you are planning your trip to Peru for sure there are some words that you read in all blogs: altitude sickness. And these words are often the scariest to tourists who come to our country. But do not worry! If you visit Puno, located at 3827 meters above sea level, you just have to take some measures to avoid altitude sickness. Here we tell you some of them!


In all the pharmacies of Lima and Puno, you will find special pills to avoid altitude sickness. If your trip starts in Lima, which is located next to the sea and where you will not suffer from this pathology, we recommend you to buy them there and take them the same day you go to Puno.

Mate de coca

If altitude sickness is what most frightens travelers arriving in Peru, coca tea is one of the most surprising things. It is a kind of tea made from coca leaves, a plant typical of South America that was used by the ancient inhabitants of our country as medicine.

When you arrive in Puno you will see different stores where they sell these leaves. You only have to put them in boiling water and take them as if it were tea. In addition, in our hotels, you will always find this and other drinks for free.


One of the keys to avoiding altitude sickness is to spend the first hours in Puno doing activities that do not require much effort: take a walk around the city, have a drink at the hotel…


Another important point is to take care of the food you eat during your trip, especially the first day. Try to take light and easy-to-digest foods and avoid heavy meals such as meat.


It is essential to always carry water with you. The altitude makes the body dehydrated, so it is advisable to drink water continuously.

As you can see, there are several ways to avoid altitude sickness, so you do not have to worry. Follow these recommendations and your trip will be perfect!

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