A journey to the Sacred City of Caral

If you are visiting Lima, you can’t miss the ancient and mystical citadel of Caral. It is considered among the most amazing tourist places of Peru because its architectural complexity and settlements which date from 3000 and 2000 years BC. Due to its historical and cultural importance, UNESCO included Caral in the World Heritage List, moreover, it is also considered National Heritage since 2001.


Photography by  RPP

Along its 65 hectares you will appreciate over 32 buildings of different sizes, 6 pyramidal buildings have been identified among other medium and small buildings such as temples, residential areas, public places, amphitheatres, circular coliseums, warehouse, altars and streets. It is said that Caral had approximately 3000 habitants.

We highly recommend visiting these places:

Amphitheater’s Pyramid: It is a complex building composed of a circular area, outdoor courtyard, a conduit made of rows of stones. Add to this, at this important religious center were found 32 lavishly-decorated flutes, which were used in their rituals.

Amphitheater’s Pyramid - Caral - Lima hotels

Photography by Perú Turismo

The Altar of Sacred Fire: Located inside the Amphitheater’s Pyramid, it has been the most investigated area of this tourist development. Here kurakas paid tribute to their God and forecasted future events observing the firmament.

The Altar of Sacred Fire - Caral - hotels in Lima

Photography by Dig Peru


The Community Museum of Vegueta: This place exhibits around 270 objects that show several aspects of Vichama society and Caral civilization. That’s why you should visit this place and its current exhibition: “Vichama, farming and fishing city of Caral civilization: Almost 4200 years of farming and fishing Science and Technology.”

Community Museum of Vegueta - Caral - hotels in Lima

Photography by The Community Museum of Vegueta

Caral city is located in the Supe Valley, Barranca 148 Km north of Lima. If you want to get there, the best way is to contact a travel agency such as Caral Tours. In case of doubt, feel free to make any question at our front desk.

Opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am. to 4 pm; ticket prices are the following: Adults $ 4 (S /. 11), school students, children and senior: $ 0.4 (S /. 1.00), university students and teaching professionals: $ 1.5 (S /. 4), Guide Service: $ 7.20 (S /. 20.00) per 15 persons.

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