18 September, 2018

5 adventure sports to enjoy in Lima

Do you like to release adrenaline while traveling? One of the greatest of Lima’s benefits is that its location allows you to perform many adventure sports. If you have a few days off in the Peruvian capital, take advantage of them and enjoy these activities.

Surfing on Costa Verde

Surfing is the most popular sport in Lima. When you look from the boardwalks of Miraflores and Barranco to the sea, you will see a lot of people in the water waiting for the next wave. And the beaches in these districts are full of surfing professionals and academies that, for a small fee (around 20 dollars), teach you how to ride on a board. If you have never practiced this sport, your visit to Lima is the perfect time to do it.

Paragliding on the boardwalk

One of the peculiarities of the coastal districts of Lima is that they are located on a great precipice: above you’ll find the city and below the sea. Thus, Lima lends itself perfectly to take impulse and fly with the paraglider. On the Miraflores boardwalk, you can rise the sky and see our capital from above. If you are lucky and get a discount, traveling in paragliding can cost you around 50 dollars, with video of the activity included.

Adventure in Lunahuana

If what you are looking for is a trip to escape from the city, Lunahuana is the perfect destination. In this town, located 180 km south of Lima, you will find different adventure sports, such as rafting or canopy.


To get to this amazing place, you have to take a bus to Vicente de Cañete and, once there, look for a collective taxi that makes the route to Lunahuaná.

Rappelling and climbing in Lomas of Lucumo

In less known areas of the department of Lima, such as Lomas of Lucumo, you can also find some adventure such as rappelling and climbing. An hour southeast of Lima you will arrive at this place where, in addition to these sports, you can do different trekkings.


Slides of Songos

Lima also has places to discover new adventure sports. In Songos, 80 km east of Lima, there are some slides, formed naturally in the rocks and through which water flows.

To get there, you must take a short walk where you will find waterfalls for refreshing yourself and preparing for the adventure. The slides reach 10 meters high!

As you can see, in Lima the adventure is assured. If you have already planned what to do every day in our capital but you still need a place to stay, visit our hotels in the district of Miraflores, located near the sea and the best restaurants. Book your room here!