Visit the Colca Canyon with your family

When it comes to traveling as a family, we often think that there are little complicated places to visit with children. But the reality is that children adapt easily and that you just have to take into account the needs of your kids. One of the most beautiful places to enjoy as a family in […]

The best archaeological sites in the Sacred Valley to visit with your family

Traveling is a great way to teach the kids. Discovering the world, they learn about new cultures and to respect nature and people. Therefore, traveling as a family is enriching for everyone, from parents to children. In Peru we have many places where traveling becomes a learning exercise. One of them is the Sacred Valley, […]

Visit the city of Lima in one day

Many people visit the capital of Peru just for a few hours or a couple of days before taking a plane to another destination within our country. But Lima has a lot of places to visit, so if you have only one day in this city, you have to make the most of it. 1. […]

What to see in Puno (besides Lake Titicaca)

Most tourists who arrive in Puno do so in order to visit Lake Titicaca. But the southern city of our country has many other attractions to enjoy, so if you have a few days off after visiting the lake, you can not miss these places. Museum of Coca and Customs One of the things that […]

5 museums you can take your kids in Lima

When you travel with children is always harder to find places to spend a day of fun and entertainment. Although many parents think that museums are boring places for the little ones, this is very far from reality. In Lima, there are several museums to visit with your children, places where, in addition to having […]