It’s no longer a secret that Arequipa is one of the main cities to enjoy the best of the Peruvian cuisine. This is due to two reasons: the preservation of its traditional cuisine and, at the same time, the innovation in its gastronomy, developing creative and cosmopolitan dishes.

Let’s start with the famous “Picanterias” (restaurants specialized in spicy dishes). Best known as “chicherias” (establishments that used to sell “chicha”, an alcoholic drink made of fermented maize), picanterias were rustic bars where spicy dishes were served with chicha. Because of its relevance, picanterias have been recognized as Cultural Heritage of the Nation, being the most prominent in Arequipa the following: La Nueva Palomino, Los Guisos Arequipeños and Picantería La Lucila. They have kept Arequipa´s gastronomic traditions, where they serve generous dishes and different entrances so commensals can taste a bit of everything.

La Nueva Palomino

Located in the narrow ashlar-built streets of Yanahuara neighbourhood, La Nueva Palomino is still preparing delicious stews in the same way they did 100 years ago. At this restaurant, Monica Huertas carries on her grandmother´s culinary tradition. We recommend trying its famous wood-roasted rocoto relleno, creamy ocopa, which is prepared in a batan (a large stone used to grind ingredients) that is as old as its recipes. Add to this, the traditional chupe de camarones, which is prepared with shrimps of Majes Valley. Don’t leave La Nueva Palomino without trying it´s delicious queso helado. On the other hand, it´s better to arrive before 1pm because it is always crowded. After eating you should visit Yanahuara´s viewpoint, located a few blocks from the restaurant. And for those who love long walks, we recommend go waliking to Downtown; it only takes 40 minutes. In order to do so, you have to take the Bolognesi Avenue that is located in the Chili River breakwater.

La Nueva Palomino is on 122 Leoncio Prado Corridor in the Yanahuara neighbourhood.

Photography byLa Nueva Palomino

Los Guisos Arequipeños

Continuing its culinary tradition, Los Guisos Arequipeños offers a varied menu. Some of the most popular are crispy cracklings and the generous chaque, a stew made of potatoes, meat, vegetables and guts. The cauchi de queso is another dish that perfectly combines traditional Arequipa ingredients; it is made of Andean cheese, floury potatoes, herbs, and local seasonings. Sarita is the restaurant’s owner and usually visits its clients and invites them a cup of anisado (Aniseed flavoured liquor) at the end of the meal.

We suggest taking a taxi from our Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza to arrive to Los Guisos Arequipeños. It’s is located on 111 Pizarro Avenue – Lambramani

Photography byGuisos Arequipeños

Picanteria La Lucila

At this restaurant have arrived some of the most illustrious Peruvian personages along its 70 years of history.  Located in Sachaca District, here you will find the best selection of Peruvian dishes. Furthermore, it was recognized with the award of “the best cook in Arequipa” thanks to its delicious flavour. You should try its legendary cuy chactado, and costillar a la piedra. After lunch, we recommend visiting the Saint Gertrudis Temple, a construction built at the end of XVIII century on pink and white ashlar. Another place to visit is the Sachaca Mirador where you can appreciate the beautiful countryside and the impressive views of Pichu Pichu, Chachani and Misti volcanoes.

The Picanteria La Lucila is on 147 Grau Street in the district of Sachanca.  If you go by taxi, it takes 25 minutes to arrive from the main square.


Photography by Fernando Zuzunaga


If you are eager to visit Arequipa, we recommend staying at our  Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza, which is strategically located in the historical center of the city and close to main tourist attractions.