Last December, Peru was again one of the protagonists in the World Travel Awards, the prizes awarded to the best tourist destinations in the world. In recent years our country has been consolidating as one of the most attractive places for travelers around the world.

There are three distinctions that the World Travel Awards granted to Peru on this occasion and, at least, three reasons that will make you want to put this South American country on your list of upcoming destinations.

Here, a review of the 3 things you must do in Peru according to the 25th edition of the World Travel Awards.


Eat, eat, eat – World’s Leading Culinary Destination

It is already seven consecutive years that Peru has been awarded the “Best Culinary Destination” according to the World Travel Awards. The work of the chefs of our country, who have taken our dishes around the world, has made Peruvian cuisine more and more known and admired.

Undoubtedly, the trip to Peru is a gastronomic experience that you will remember for a lifetime.From the huariques of Lima to the picanterías of Arequipa and the exotic dishes of the jungle, starting with the ceviche and ending with the cuy, ours is a country where you can taste totally new flavors.

Currently, 3 of the 50 best restaurants in the world are Peruvian. So, if you are organizing your trip to Peru, do not forget to put on your list the best restaurants in each city that you are going to visit. You will want to try all their dishes!


Visit Machu Picchu – World’s Leading Tourist Attraction

Machu Picchu is not only the Leading Tourist Attraction according to the World Travel Awards, but it is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Our Inca citadel leaves all those who step on it speechless.

The unknowns that it hides, the spectacular Inca architecture that has endured hundreds of earthquakes, the imposing Andean landscape that surrounds it… all this and much more make Machu Picchu the main tourist attraction of our country and one of the most striking places for all the tourists of the world. The visit to this place will stay forever engraved in your memory!


Immerse yourself in our culture – World’s Leading Cultural Destination

The large number of cultures that have lived in our country throughout history have made Peru a place with an exciting mixture.

On your trip to Peru you can visit incredible museums such as the Larco Herrera, which was recently chosen as the best in South America, listen Andean music, enjoy the work of great photographers, walk among impressive colonial architecture, travel to the past in ancient archaeological sites, buy beautiful crafts made with ancestral techniques … In short, your visit to Peru will be an experience that will fill you with knowledge and culture!

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