Callalli Castles

The town of Callalli is located on the top of Colca, place of connection for different paths that lead to Cusco and Puno. It´s also the starting point for some of the adventure activities that take place at this area, such as hiking and mountain biking. Callalli´s people are expert traders of craft, commerce, potato […]

Lampa, the pink city

The tiny town of Lampa is located about 25 kilometers from Juliaca, inside Puno´s highlands. The Santiago Apostol Church, built in stone is one of the most important buildings of the city. Inside this church there is an identical replica of Michelangelo´s la pieta, capping a stunning black marble mausoleum of Mr. Torres Bellón, who […]

La ciudad rosada de Lampa

La pequeña ciudad de Lampa se encuentra a unos 25 kilómetros de Juliaca, en el interior del Altiplano. En ella destaca su Iglesia Santiago Apóstol, construida en piedra y en cuyo interior se encuentra una réplica idéntica de La Pietá de Miguel Ángel, coronando un impresionante mausoleo de mármol negro donde se encuentra el cuerpo […]