Tierra Viva Cusco San Blas hotel´s staff is ready to guide and assist you in anything you may need, such as tourist information about Cusco and its whereabouts, medical assistance, currency exchange, laundry service or free availability of oxygen. Additionally, guests who arrive by air are offered transportation to our hotel as a courtesy, free of charge.

You may check-in at the indoor patios or in the hall located next to the breakfast room. You may also count on us to help you with any food delivery service you may wish from any of the restaurants we work with. Also, if you need to connect with the world you may use any of our two Business Centers equipped with computers and printers, available without charge.

And to start your day on a good note, nothing better than our buffet breakfast, served from 5am,
which offers plenty of breads, fruits, cereals and delicious Andean products.


Contact Info

Corporate Offices
Av. Benavides 1579, Oficina 303 Miraflores, Lima 18 Lima - Perú Phone/Fax: (511) 370 9080 info@tierravivahoteles.com blog.tierravivahoteles.com