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Tierra Viva Arequipa Plaza.
CalleJerusalen 202, Arequipa, Peru.
Phone: (5154) 234161.
Fax: (5154) 234161.

  • All rates are expressed in American dollars and include buffet breakfast and services.
  • The General Sales Tax (IGV) of 18% is not included. This tax applies to Peruvians or foreign visitors staying more than 60 consecutive days in Peru.

Peruvians who reside outside of Peru and foreign visitors staying less than 60 consecutive days may recover this tax by presenting the Andean Migration Card (TAM) stamped by Customs when checking in. Additionally, they must present their original passport with the respective Customs stamp and, for Peruvians who reside out of the country, the corresponding visa that evidences such residency.

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