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It seems that the name of this island, of approximately 10 km2 of extension, comes from the surname of its first owners: the Gonzalez family of Taquila, known in many of the islands of Lake Titicaca, whose designation comes from the names of its trustees. Taquile currently has a population of about 2,500 people in 6 zones or suyos, that have at least one port of disembarkation. The center is situated in the highest part of the island, about 4050 meters above sea level, which is reached in the case of using the port Chilcano after ascending about 540 stairs. Taquile noted for its tourism initiatives of housing, food and popular art, where there stand out their tissues, considered Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, realized in wool of alpaca, llama or sheep, dyed with natural dyes of Spanish influence and that show symbols and iconography of animal, religious and geographical origin. These are realized by men and women, with looms or needles, highlighting its long conical hats and colorful sashes.
Useful tips
  • Taquile is reached about 2 hours after sailing. The price of passage varies according to the organization of the package, but can be obtained from 25 soles per person.
  • Admission to the island costs 5 soles. It is accommodation in the homes of families and various restaurants and archaeological remains.
  • The Taquile party is celebrated between 25 July and 5 August.
  • More information: Isla de taquile y Taquile

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