By booking directly from our website, we assure you the best price available for our hotels. If you find a lower price, we offer a 10% discount on that price.

When booking through our website, a Tierra Viva´s travel advisor will receive automatically your bookingand will contact you by phone or by mail, in order to make direct contact and better understand your needs, supporting you in whatever you need to enjoy the best way you trip.

Our booking engine works with VeriSign security certificate, which assures the highest standards of online security, the page where you enter the details of your credit card is protected by seguridas protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

SSL encrypts your name, card number and expiration date before sending them over the Internet, making them completely safe by the transaction. This ensures the transaction did so as if by phone.

Additionally all credit cards are verified directly with the bank’s system at the time to charge. This, for the benefit of our travelers and Tierra Viva, making sure the card is valid and that it is not a stolen card or used in fraudulent transactions.

When booking more than one of the destinations where we are located, you can get 10% discount on your second reservation. That is, if you stay with us in Cusco and then want to stay in Arequipa, you get a 10% discount on booking of this city.

To qualify for this discount you just have to write to and send us your first booking.

If you require help on arranging tours or advice on your journey, we have allies and expert tour operators in each destination that will be happy to help you and with very competitive prices.

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